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 Заглавие: USB Audio DAC model: "VARNA 5"
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Essentially, this is a highly improved version of "VARNA 4", where are removed all disadvantages of its predecessor. Digital to analog converter is an excellent sounding WM8524 by the British of WOLFSON MICROELECTRONIC. This DAC has got a natural sound, perfect 3D-scene and great detail. Naturally, I helped WM8524 to reveal its full potential as I have surrounded it with HQ "company".

These are the major improvements in this model called "VARNA 5":

1.No more switched mode PSU's ! "VARNA 5" uses two fully independent linear regulated low noise PSU's, one for analog circuit and the other for the digital circuit.

2.All ceramic capacitors are removed and changed with HQ audio grade electrolityc capacitors NICHICON FW. This DAC contains exactly 12pcs of NICHICON's on the PCB (vs 5pcs in the "VARNA 4").

3.For timing device is used "ultra low jitter" korean made quartz oscillator "ABRACON", with guaranteed jitter below 1ps. The timing device is separately feeded with power by it's own independent ultra low noise voltage regulator and RC-filter. This decision provides more clearness and micro-detail in the sound.

4.The ground plane now consists of three independent areas. The digital and the analog ground planes are separated, preventing penetration of the digital interferences in the analog stage.

5.PCB's are mounted on a massive 12mm MDF plate for prevention of unwanted resonances.

6.Cast aluminium USB connector "APHENOL" and massive cast 24K-gold platted output RCA sockets.

7.Entirely new design of the enclosure, with aluminium covers and wooden veneer covered MDF base.

Model "VARNA 5" includes all advantages of it's predecessor "VARNA 4":

1.Full galvanic insulation of the USB DAC "VARNA 5" from the computer to which it is connected. The separation was done on all four USB transfer lines D +, D-, Vbus and GND. Galvanic insulation of the digital part is made by using proven galvanic insulation IC ANALOG DEVICES aDUM4160. The annoying requirement to plug the computer and amplifier in the same wall power socket is eliminated. "VARNA IV" breaks galvanicaly all electrical connections with the PC and thus achieves two very important advantages, resistance to interference, and greatly facilitated the use of the device.

2.High output level from the linear outputs. The new model IC WM8524 has an excellent high output level-2,1V RMS. About 3 times higher than PCM270x series.

3.No decoupling capacitors in the signal path. Direct connection from the WM8524 output pins via HQ passive LPF including KOA SPEER (made in Japan) resistor and KEMET MMC nonpolar capacitor.

4.Using as USB receiver, the IC with proven software/hardware compatibility and absolutely smooth/reliable performance - PCM2706/07 BURR BROWN. This provides an invaluable advantage of the device to work with any operating system, without the need for special drivers-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Linux; MacOS; Android 4.0 and above; even with microcomputer "Raspberry Pi" + software "Volumio". This is a very important feature - just plug the device in the USB socket of the computer and it starts to operate immediately. No need for any additional software drivers.

5.Using entirely external, discrete, ultra low noise voltage regulators and filter solutions for maximum purity of the PSU.

6.Using a two-layer PCB with solid ground plane's. Typicaly for the models of the series "VARNA" and the new "VARNA 5" is based on the two-layer PCB with large low-resistance ground planes. The base components are carefully selected not only by it's parameters, but also by the most important-by it's sounding. There is no one component that is positioned accidentally.

Word Lenght - 16bit
Sampling Rate - 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz
Processor Type - BurrBrown, Texas Instruments, PCM2706/7CDB and WOLFSON WM8524
Output Signal Level for the linear outputs - 2,1V (RMS)
THD+N for the linear outputs - 89dB at -1dBFS
SNR for the linear outputs - 106dB
Input Interface - USB 1.1 type B (printer type)
Output Interfaces - line out type RCA
Power options - feeded by IEC type cable (computer power cable), 220-240Vac/50Hz

Dimensions: H-90mm; W-250mm; L (with plugs)-270mm
Weight: 2.900kg
Designed and handcrafted in Bulgaria by eng.Ivelin Yovchev

View with "teak oil" finished veneer:
Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение

Price for USB DAC "VARNA 5" with teak oil finished veneer: 349 Euro (incl. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

View with "piano lacquer" finished veneer :
Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение

Price for "piano lacquer" finished veneer: 449 Euro (incl. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING) This veneer finish is made only by order. Processing time for building DAC with such view-1 month. The veneer can be another type, depending the client's requirements.

How to purchase USB DAC model "VARNA 5" ?

If you want to buy this product, please, contact me to the following e-mail:
Packing and worldwide shipping - FREE. I use only registered, priority mail, with tracking number. This is the fastest and the most safe shipping method. I prefer PAYPAL transactions.

Optional accessories. They can be purchased along with USB DAC "VARNA 5". Their prices will be added to the price of the DAC without additional fees and shipping charges.

1. Cable RCA-RCA for connection "USB DAC to amplifier", entirely handcrafted, incorporates SILVER PLATED OXYGEN FREE COPPER cores, made by the US company ALPHA WIRE and terminated with gold-plated RCA-terminals "NEUTRIK REAN". For assembly is used made in Germany Pb-free silver solder, 3% silver content, which according to the manufacturer guarantees 2% better conductivity of the solder. The cable is with direction of the connection !!! The same color RCA terminals must be always together. The cable has a very accurate tonal balance and open sounding. It is not shielded, so that the parasitic capacitance is less than 70pF / m. The elimination of a screen could theoretically create interference problems in some systems. Practically I never had such care, although my RCA cables passes close to many power cords. Price 50 euro / set (cable length 1m)



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